“Via Farm” and “D-r Batkoski” follow the modern trends: “Nashe Zdravje” (“Our Health”) – new health and modern life magazine

Popular topics, useful recommendations, and expert advice in the field of pharmacy, dentistry, healthy life, beauty, and diet, are some of the offered contents of the new health and modern life magazine “Nashe Zdravje”, whose first issue came out today.

The primary aim of this quality educational magazine is, through a professional and responsible approach, to offer its readers popular articles which will contribute to better health and upgrading the knowledge in medicine, and all that goes under the term ‘modern life’.

“Via Farm” – pharmacy chain is the publisher of “Nashe Zdravje”, which will be issued quarterly, i.e. four times a year (in spring, summer, autumn, and winter).

We want to educate, advise, and enhance mutual cooperation, in order to ensure better health for everyone. We enter your homes because we are willing to give advice. We stand on the shelves in hospitals, doctors’ offices or pharmacies because we care for you a lot. Both of us simply have the same goal. We will inform and explore, and also talk to professionals from multiple expert fields. We are going to be, above all, your faithful friends and health keepers.

says the editor-in-chief of the magazine, Marica Ugrinovska Batkoska, MSc in Pharmacy

She explains that they will strive with great care and dedication to fill the pages of the magazine with proven and quality articles.

We are grateful to all our friends, renown experts, who recognized the significance of our magazine and accepted cooperation. We believe that their advice on the topics that we have carefully chosen will attract the attention and contribute to the impression our magazine has made. At the same time, we share our joy that part of our important project is going to be eminent companies from the healthcare industry, which honestly supported our idea to help and cooperate. We believe that this first issue is just the beginning of a long mutual journey that is going to last.

emphasized Mrs. Ugrinovska Batkoska, MSc in Pharmacy.

In the first spring issue of “Nashe Zdravje”, the readers can read topics about stress as man’s biggest enemy, about anemia: how to recognize and treat it, and how irregular diet can lead to constipation. Also, the magazine features an article about the risk factors and prevention from cardiovascular diseases, as well as advice on the prevention of urinary infections and precautions on how medicines can cause allergic reactions. In this first issue, you can find articles connected to oral health at children, and also a published expert article about 3D dentistry. Besides all these, there are articles on beauty, diet, and sport.

The executive editor of the magazine is Goran Momiroski, the graphic design is being taken care of by Antonio Stamatoski, whereas technical support was provided by www.ohridnews.com, Mega Production, and Dental Centre D-r Batkoski. The first issue of “Nashe Zdravje” was prepared with the expert advice of d-r Katerina Verusheska, d-r Kiril Manduloski, d-r Nebojsha Batkoski, Frosina Mukoska Kostojchinoska, MSc in Pharmacy, Vera Daskaloska, MSc in Pharmacy, Musherif Ziba, BSc in Pharmacy, Robertina Tomevska, BSc in Pharmacy, d-r Kristina Mitreska, d-r Edip Bekiroski, and d-r Liljana Lazarevska. An expert consultant is Misho Kitanoski, and proofreader – Verica Tocinovska.

The magazine “Nashe Zdravje” will be free of charge and can be found in the “Via Farm” pharmacies in Ohrid, Struga, Vevchani and Labunishta, the Dental Centre “Dr. Batkoski” in the “St. George” medical complex, in all public health offices and hospitals in the city and other notable places in the region.