In The World of Successful – D-r Nebojsha Batkoski

In this issue of  “World of Successful” on “Ohridnet”, we present you d-r Nebojsha Batkoski.

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Doctor Nebojsha Batkoski – a young, ambitious, and more than a successful dentist, owner of the most advanced dental center in Ohrid, “D-r Batkoski”. In the well-known city complex “Saint George”, people from Ohrid receive high-class services and ultimate dental care, while in the same complex there is one of the best-supplied pharmacy as well as a general medical care office. The newest about this doctor in the promotion of the magazine “Nashe Zdravje”, which features a series of important topics in the field of healthy life…

Batkoski family are proof that a marriage between two ambitious and restless professionals can be a perfect match of work and love. A brilliant couple rushing forward, conquering new professional territories filled with family support and love.

Ohridnet: Mr. Batkoski, for the readers of Ohridnet, in the beginning, tell us more about your success story, about the Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski” in Ohrid.

Batkoski: As a family business, the dental office “D-r Batkiski” started its mission in oral health advancement in Ohrid several decades ago. In this direction, in the past four years, we turned a new page with the opening of the new most sophisticated premises, which made us grow into a topmost dental centre created by the model of similar institutions in the developed European countries. In this way we are gradually completing my year-long idea, in a city like Ohrid, citizens to have the opportunity to receive complete dental care. Practically, I would like to point all the dental services, starting from diagnosis, for which crucial are the x-ray machines we have available, up to the most complex therapeutic procedures conducted by my team of renown professional doctors. I would also like to emphasize that the technological achievements in dentistry are continuously upgraded, which lead us, only this year, to install some important equipment, one of which is a computerized dental impression kit; a camera for hidden cavities detection; tooth whitening laser, etc. Besides the mentioned about the work of the Dental Centre “Dr. Batkoski”, I would like to emphasize that our idea to create a place – the complex “St. George”, where besides topmost dental services, our fellow citizens will get the opportunity to have other healthcare, has been completed by the opening of the “Via Farm” pharmacy and the General Medicine Office.

Ohridnet: What are your future plans? Where do you see yourself in the years to come?

Batkoski: I personally believe that an individual can grow as much as they have envisioned, and as much as they believe in themselves and their team. My plans are countless; ideas, projects, too. I strongly believe in the concept we are building restlessly. In this sense, I would put highlight to only one of the many ideas we’re developing. Namely, it is about the idea to popularize Ohrid as an important dental-touristic destination. I know we have a topmost dental and touristic offer with great potential. Recently we have involved ourselves into setting the foundations of this project, and now, already deeply occupied with its realization, I emphasize my pleasure that each year we have more and more foreigners coming to Ohrid to rest, but also to get top-quality, European dental care in Dental Centre “Dr. Batkoski”. I believe that with these dynamics in the near future this dental centre will be one of the key points on the Balkans where the pulse of the spirit of dental tourism will rocket up.

Ohridnet: What’s the secret of success?

Batkoski: Besides the fact that I often hear this statement, it is always a great pleasure to experience its utterance again. In this sense, I would like to express my honest gratitude to you, and your readers who have recognized the value of what I do. The large number of patients, our fellow citizens, is the greatest confirmation of the road I’ve taken in dentistry and healthcare. On the other hand, the constant growth of the number of new patients is the biggest motive for me to do my best in the further development of dentistry. I would also like to emphasize that I feel very much privileged that my daily life is a nice blend of work, family, and friends. Such a blend of complete fulfillment of my professional and private life is probably the key reason leading us forward in life.

Ohridnet: Your wife, Marica Ugrinovska – Batkoska is a pharmacist and part of the managing team of your pharmacy chain, “Via Farm”. How important is the support and help of the partner in good management and success in business?

Batkoski: My wife is my life companion and my biggest partner, councilor, and collaborator in my job. We discuss together, make consultations, and help each other in all aspects of this noble dental-pharmaceutical story that we lead as a family. Her managing, but also professional experience in pharmacy is of great importance to me. In addition, my accumulated knowledge is surely of great benefit to her. Practically, the family we have settled is a great example of strongly interwoven strings of the professional and private, where the mutual respect and love result in quality that is recognized not only in Ohrid, but also in the region and the whole country. In that sense, I would like to express my honest gratitude to my wife for all her help and support through the years, but also to stress out her key role in our family and in the raising of our children, Jana and Jovan.

Ohridnet: Where do you get your energy from? Do you dedicate your free time after finishing all your work obligations to your family in the quiet village of Vevchani?

Batkoski:  I have the feeling that the energy doubles when being more active, and I am naturally a great enthusiast and I need only a tiny reason to rush forward. However, every person comes to the edge when they really need a break. Vevchani is the central source of my biggest ideas, but also, that is the place where, in the coziness of our home, I get energy for the upcoming life challenges. With Marica, we deliberately chose to live in the beautiful Vevchani. The peace this place enchants with attracts many visitors daily, whereas we, living there, are blessed to be surrounded with beautiful nature, amazing people, and excellent life energy that inspires.

At the very end, I would like to thank you for the opportunity given. I send my honest regards to you and your readers. I hope that the trust we have as people and as professionals will get proved and upgraded in the future.