Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia Crowns

Dental Center Dr. Batkoski is a specialized implant-prosthetic clinic whose goal is to create perfect smiles that will change patients entirely and increase the quality of their lives. Crowns can make your smiles perfect. It is necessary to determine your dental state during the examination using various diagnostic procedures and see if you are an ideal candidate. Crowns used in our clinic are made with advanced CAD/CAM technology, which means that they are incredibly high quality, durable and they look natural. If you want a glistening, healthy and natural smile, please contact us.

Why Zirconia Crowns Are Better for Dental Implants than Titanium Crowns?

In this time of advanced technology and high-quality materials, we can almost perfectly imitate a natural tooth both aesthetically and functionally, using zirconia ceramic crown. Quality of zirconia crowns is aesthetics, and that is why they are an excellent choice for all the patients who want to have a beautiful smile.

  • Zirconia crowns in comparison to metal, which includes more materials such as gold alloys, other alloys, and nickel-titanium alloys, have much better aesthetics; they give teeth natural colour, transparency and natural appearance.
  • Also, zirconia crowns are much stronger and durable in comparison to metal ceramic crowns.
  • Zirconia crowns are suitable for all teeth with the emphasis on the front teeth where chewing pressure is higher. Because of their aesthetics, zirconia crowns are the better choice for front teeth than metal, ceramic crowns.

1. Zirconium Crown vs Porcelain Crowns

  • Zirconia crown is a better choice than other materials because of its numerous advantages.
  • Unlike zirconia crown, a porcelain crown is not as strong, durable and long-lasting.
  • Also, when we talk about aesthetics, the zirconia crown is a much better aesthetical solution because it gives teeth natural colour and natural appearance.

2. Zirconium Crown vs Emax (Lithium Disilicate)

Zirconia crown unlike Emax (Lithium Disilicate) dental crowns is sturdier, stronger and are more durable. When we process zirconia, its surface is highly polished which makes it very smooth. Also, zirconia maintains its anatomical shape. Emax (Lithium Disilicate) is a material with lesser solidness which is why it is designed for maximum aesthetics and beauty of front teeth.
Because zircon as a material is extremely strong, it can be thin, which means that a dentist can be more conservative in preparation which will save more patient’s natural teeth.
Emax (Lithium Disilicate) is a material which has to be carved and attached in place, while zircon can be conventionally cemented which makes a process significantly easier.
One of the disadvantages of zircon as a material is that it not at all translucent. Emax (Lithium Disilicate) is much more translucent material, and it makes teeth very natural.

3. Zirconium Crown vs Ceramic Crowns

Zirconia crown is different from the ceramic crown in its solidness; zirconia is much more substantial material. Even though this is a benefit of zirconia crowns in most cases, sometimes it can be a disadvantage when we make dental bridges between certain teeth, and we need a material with more elasticity.
Chipping of the ceramics cannot occur with monolithic zirconia crowns because there is no ceramics that can chip.

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