Futsal Tournament in Vevchani becomes a new tradition

The first futsal tournament marked the beginning of a new tradition in Vevchani. The Cup from the “Novice” went in the hands of the ASP Pak Team, which in the final game proved better than the Klimetica Team.

The full stands, positive atmosphere, and incessant applauses for the participants are all very promising for Vevchani, whereas the organizers promise that the next year’s tournament will offer even greater prizes.

We are all pleased to start a new tradition in Vevchani. Everybody lived for this tournament for more than two months and helped unreservedly. We all promise that next year the tournament will be on this level, if not higher.

said Nebojsha Batkoski

The individual awards of the tournament won: Misho Gjorgieski (best striker), Raif Mirseloski (best goalkeeper), and Riste Josifoski (best player).