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The dental center Dr. Batkoski has provided high quality dental services to patients in the Ohrid region and further for more than 25 years. This center serves as a second home to our loyal patients who additionally feel comfortable and welcomed with each visit. Our team is always dedicated to provide the best care for your dental health. The success we have achieved is undoubtedly measured by our patient’s desire to recommend our services to their family and friends.

1. Our Mission

For healthier teeth, a beautiful smile and communication that will bring you confidence and self-esteem in your everyday life, your destination is dental center Dr. Batkoski. Healthy teeth and healthy gums improve your health as well as your look. Dr. Batkoski goes always hand in hand with the modern trends and innovations of the dental medicine and has the professionalism and capacity to give you the right answer for your needs. It always follows the path of the best and newest methods and techniques with affordable prices, dealing with each patient’s needs and preferences separately.

2. Our equipment

The dental center Dr. Batkoski consists of 6 completely equipped practices in the field of orthodontics, oral surgery, 3 in the field of dental medicine, an X-ray cabinet equipped with a 3D scan, a department specialized in producing Invasilign aligners. The above mentioned provides our patients with the best solution for their dental problems, starting from the basic ones such as teeth cleaning and diagnostics to the most complex ones such as restoration and intervention.

Why to choose us

Because each of us in Dental Center Dr. Batkoski strives for perfection. We base all cases on the concept of Digital Smile Design. This is a modern procedure of planning dental rehabilitation which enables the therapist to prepare the process thoroughly. Thus the patient can have a real insight into what we are going to achieve by creating prosthesis works. By using the Digital Smile Design we create a provisionary look of each patient’s new smile.

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Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience

On our journey towards perfection, we enrich our patient’s lives by bringing a smile back on their faces and creating a new personality. Patients share the emotions they go through on their way to a perfect smile with us, which makes us happy people. When patients see the new image of themselves for the first time, their emotions are often so overwhelming that tears come in their eyes. In those cases, we share an honest feeling of changing life for the better, emotion of raising the quality of life, emotion of happiness. That is why we are proud of choosing dentistry as our profession.

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The dentists who work at Dental center Dr. Batkoski have the highest qualifications obtained from prestigious Universities for Dentistry. Each one is a specialist in a particular field and they have all worked abroad to gain international experience. Nowhere else in Ohrid will you find such a concentration of dental expertise and excellence. The other members of our team are also certified and each member speaks English.

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D-r Nebojsha Batkoski
Dental Center Manager

+389 70 391 157
D-r Kiril Manduloski
Doctor of Dental Medicine

+389 75 468 373
D-r Katerina Verushevska
Doctor of General Dentistry

+389 70 643 937
D-r Vladimir Novakoski
Doctor of General Dentistry

+389 46 230 079
D-r Biljana Pecakova
Dental Surgery Specialist

+389 70 267 374
Ljubica Derebanova
Dental Technician

+389 70 331 734
Tanja Balaloska
Dental Assistant

+389 76 449 952
Jana Srbakoska
Dental Assistant

+389 46 230 079
Alberta Jankoska
Dental Assistant

+389 46 230 079


In our clinic, we try to offer the best prices to our patients, and the final price differs from case to case. Price of a therapy includes free consultations with dentists.


We are a dental clinic with many appreciations and awards in Europe and world. When you will come in our clinic you will have an opportunity to meet the team and see all our awards.


Our team is a team of professionals with huge experience and fast services. The years of experience and the successfully completed cases are the improvements of our success.


Our team of experts give you the best and the fast service. From your first visit you will get a free consultations with our doctors and we will make a schedule together to finish fast the procedures you need to do, before back home to your origin country.


Our Clinic guarantees a professional service. We are driven by perfection and offer superb value for money with outstanding results. That’s why when the patients come from the first time in our dental center they became our loyal patients.


Our dental center is well known because we are always open to patients for free CONSULTATIONS and we are available for every their question 24/7.

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