General Dentistry

General Dentistry

General dentistry is a part of medicine that takes care of the deterioration and bad oral health. The dentist’s work includes the use of preventive care and education for the patients to take out the treatment, only to focus on a healthier smile. They take care and precautions for the patients and their teeth and gums, but on the first place there are always the patient’s needs.

A general dentist studies and finishes University in order to gain the degree of a Doctor in Oral Surgery or Dentistry. Then they must take other specialized exams in order to gain other different degrees. These doctors deal with general tooth problems, and if a patient has a more complex tooth problem they communicate a specialized dentist. They take care of taking out teeth, doing fillings, whitening etc.

The best way is when the patients use completely the favours of the general dentistry for preventive care. When a patients visits dentist twice a year, they can avoid the appearance of cavity.

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