Aesthetic Corrections

Botox and Hyaluronic fillers

Botox is used to treat wrinkles that occur when they mask, in the upper third of the face, treating wrinkles around the corner of the eye, wrinkles between the brow and wrinkles at the forehead. Hyaluronic fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid which is a natural polysaccharide found in the human body.

5 Reasons Why You Will Love Botox and Dermal Fillers?

At Health & Aesthetics, we specialise in a number of different treatments that can give you beautiful, natural-looking results, so we’re sure that you will love them! Injectables are a great treatment to choose if you’re looking for fantastic results from something that is relatively non-invasive. So, let us share with you just some of the reasons why we think you will love Botox and dermal fillers.

  • You Will See Fast Results
  • The Effects Aren’t Permanent
  • The Treatment isn’t Invasive
  • You Can Get Back to Your Life Quickly
  • They Can Be Used to Treat a Range of Concerns

1. How do you know if you are a candidate for Botox or for a filler?

Simply if you suffer from wrinkles caused by mimics or wrinkles on the upper part of the face, you are a candidate for Botox. If you are wrinkled by wrinkles that are visible even when facial muscles are at rest, lost volume and skin elasticity, you are a candidate for filler.

2. Combination of Botox and filler

Only with botox or with filler alone can some of the signs of aging rectify but with a combination of the two you achieve the best shot For example, with Botox, the forehead and part of the eyes can be rejuvenated, and with the filler to supplement the lost volume, fill the nasolabial furrows, redefine the appearance of the face and fill the lips.

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