Small cavities, big problems

It has surely happened to you looking your teeth in the mirror and noticing brown lines over the surface that concerned you and reminded that it may be time to make an appointment at your dentist’s. Then, your dentist after the examination confirms that it is a totally healthy tooth only lightly stained with pigments that we intake with food every day. Daily practice shows that without an appropriate apparatus for examining the possibility that these darker areas may actually be cavities, most dentists would certainly note these colored areas as stains that do not give any other symptoms or risks.

But, does it mean that they are indeed only that– deep recesses that have easily stained? Or the matter is the development of dental caries under the seemingly healthy surface?

Having the idea to give a new perspective to caries and to make the invisible visible, we present you the technology of tomorrow – today. It is about a so-called laser cavity detector available only in our dental center Dr. Batkoski. It is very important that this camera discovers those early stages of tooth decay before it gets the opportunity to give any symptoms.

Kavo Diagno Cam- a diagnostic camera that precisely detects cavities in the earliest stage and enables you to treat your teeth by principles of the modern, minimally invasive, or, as we call it, painless dentistry. KaVo DIAGNOcam uses healthy tooth structures as re-directors of the fluorescent light produced by the camera. At that moment the laser emits the light, the video camera captures the moment of the ray passing through the tooth and transports it to a screen, so your dentist and you can in real-time see and, most importantly, understand the condition of your teeth. Such a device can discover cavity in places where the isn’t any visible damage to the surface, and the caries is hidden and cannot be felt with a regular probe examination.

What are the advantages of laser cavity detection?

Certainly, besides the detection of the tiniest cavities in their earliest stage, the Diagno Cam tool offers the following advantages: detects hidden cavities in the area of the tooth’s fissures, indicates caries under old fillings, monitors decay and its development, its data can be saved and the situation can be monitored, opens the possibility of preventive treatment, doesn’t emit harmful radiation in comparison to x-ray devices, it’s comfortable, painless and raises the patient’s self-confidence.

Early cavities treatment means choosing methods of minimum invasive dentistry where tooth substance is saved, and in that way, the healthy parts of the tooth are protected and further complications and treatments are prevented, while the patient saves money in the long run.

In the end, let’s clarify, we have all heard what the cavity is, but do we really know? We also saw that even the smallest cavities have to be preventively treated and repaired, but what if we procrastinate? Are we aware of the complications of untreated cavities?

This is what happens if the cavity is left untreated:

  • Discomfort and pain – Decayed teeth can cause anxiety, discomfort, and even pain. The pain can vary in intensity, and the seriousness of the pain depends on the cavity development.
  • Disrupted esthetics – Decayed teeth aren’t pleasant to see and impact the esthetic image and self-evaluation of each individual.
  • Bad breath – Decayed teeth produce fetor or bad smell of the mouth.
  • Medical complications – Besides the tooth pain and bad look, decayed teeth can raise the risk of medical complications. For example, missing or broken teeth lead to bad food processing, which makes problems for the stomach. Large holes in the teeth are actually infections that can be transmitted to other organs and cause system infection.
  • Disruptions in the joint and face – Decayed teeth can disrupt the normal bite and proper chewing of the food, which in time leads to joint problems. In cases where a large number of the teeth are decayed, they have changed in shape, get shorter, which can affect the facial structures, i.e. lead to shrinkage of the lower third of the face. Damaged teeth can often break or fall off, which causes displacement of the neighboring teeth.
  • A tooth abscess is a condition which is a result of a long-time untreated caries and means spreading of the infection towards the soft parts of the mouth. In fact, from the tooth, the infection spreads towards the peak of the root, the bone, and the soft parts, causing a big swelling.

Having all the facts about the consequences of the spread cavity, we would say, choose the best for your teeth, choose proper care, and regular control examinations because even the greatest complications of the teeth once were only small cavities.