Social Responsibility: The bridge at “Hristo Uzunov” Primary School repaired and put into service again

With the financial support of the “Dr. Batkoski” Dental Center and “Maximus Hotel”, the bridge on “Pitu Guli” Street was renovated and restored in use for safe passage of students attending school. The “Dr. Batkoski” Dental Center and “Maximus Hotel” stated that they were pleased to support the restoration of the bridge, noting that the safety of the students is in the first place.

In the past, we have witnessed traffic accidents in which several elementary students were injured when crossing the street. It was also the motive to get involved in the bridge renovation activities so that more students could use it. In order to prevent its repeated destruction, since it had been used as a gathering place for young people with deviant behavior, there were placed doors which will be unlocked and locked depending on the working hours of the school.

said Dr. Nebojsa Batkoski

The office “Dr. Batkoski” and the hotel “Maximus” announced the continuation of the cooperation with the primary school “Hristo Uzunov”. In the future period, they have envisaged a refurbishing of the sports court within the school and purchasing new sports equipment.