Feel the magic of aesthetic dentistry

Eyes may be mirrors of the soul, but the smile is the first thing people notice on you and it’s a mirror of your personality. Judging by the health of your teeth, many will make the first impression about you. The power of the smile is great and you mustn’t underestimate its importance. A beautiful smile will make you look nicer, more friendly, and more confident.

Because of all these facts and giving accent to self-awareness of the modern human, we, dentists, face higher-level demands. In modern dentistry, there is a term – smile makeover, which embraces all the necessary procedures from dental treatment leading to the wanted effect.

Improving the health and image of your teeth may be the best investment that you could afford. Certainly, each of us is different and there is not a single template at choosing treatments for your makeover. The treatment plan is made exclusively by the individual situation, and it can actually include only a single treatment, such as laser teeth whitening, a simple tooth enlargement through laser cut of the surrounding gum, or a small correction of front teeth breakages with aesthetic fillings, called bonding technique. At a complete smile makeover, in some cases, it is needed to start an orthodontic therapy, i.e. application of a fixed device for teeth alignment, or, in recent times, special aesthetic braces like invisible aligners for fixing smaller teeth imperfections.

If your teeth are broken, heavily stained, having large cavities and fillings, or irregularly aligned, then you may be a candidate for setting laminates or crowns on the teeth.

Laminates are ultra-thin porcelain veneers, set on the front side of the teeth while finishing it minimally. In cases where the teeth are very damaged, with large fillings, having deeper breakages or being dead and there is a chance of their total breakage, we can treat them with crowns or bridges. In times of technical advancement, CAD-CAM – computer tooth fabrication marked the new era in dentistry. Computer-made esthetic crowns don’t contain metal, which is replaced by Zirconium – a mineral with great durability while being esthetic and healthy for the body.

Missing teeth or teeth damaged beyond the possibility to be repaired can be successfully replaced with tooth implants, without any damages to the surrounding healthy teeth.

The only thing more important than the look of your smile is the health of the mouth cavity. Therefore, before any esthetic treatment, we as dentists insist on treating the teeth and creating a healthy foundation upon which we will build your new smile.