Prestigious European Recognition for Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski” and D-r Nebojsha Batkoski

At the European Forum for high quality and management, which, being organized by the Socrates Committee for Nominations and the European Medical Association working under the prestigious Europe Business Assembly organization from Oxford, England, taking place yesterday evening in Cannes, France, Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski” from Ohrid received high recognition for Best Medical Office, BEST HOSPITAL AWARD.

Simultaneously, Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski” received an additional international license, which is a confirmation of the outstanding quality and success of this medical organization in the development of dental tourism.

The award was handed to the manager and owner of Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski”, d-r Nebjsha Batkoski, who was accompanied at the ceremony by his wife and a Master of Science in Pharmacy, Marica Ugrinovska Batkoska.

Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski” has successfully gained the patients’ confidence in the past 3 decades. The philosophy of our success is based on three pillars: quality staff education, technically and technologically highly equipped center, and affordable prices. All this is packaged with high-level professionalism and an individual approach to each patient. We strongly believe that these values set the foundation for constant growth. Our foreign friends visit us in great numbers because they can spend their holiday here, too. Our staff is ready to address your requests after receiving your email. In the past years, Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski” has been a place where numerous dental treatments are done at children and adults from all around the globe, but mostly from Great Britain, Australia, the USA, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, and other European countries. We work with the best technical equipment following the newest achievements in modern dentistry. We offer an individual approach for each patient and it could be said that there is almost no problem that cannot be solved.

said D-r Batkoski

This prestigious European award is another confirmation of the knowledge of the Macedonian dentists and proof that they stand hand in hand with their European colleagues. Furthermore, it is a confirmation of the great potential of Ohrid to develop dental tourism, on which, as it is already known, Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski” has been working intensively in the past years.

A couple of years ago, the idea to promote Ohrid as a significant dental-touristic destination came spontaneously. I know that we have a top-quality dental and touristic offer with great potential. We have put the effort into setting the foundation of this project, and now we are deeply involved in its realization. Therefore, I express my pleasure that each year we have more and more foreign patients coming here to spend their holidays, but also to get top-quality dental care in Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski” in Ohrid. I believe that with such dynamics in near future this dental center will be one of the focal points where the spirit of dental tourism will pulsate steadily.

emphasized in an interview for the second edition of the specialized magazine “Nashe Zdravje”, d-r Nebojsha Batkoski

Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski”, besides for the quality of its service and topmost professionalism, stands out from its competition for its socially responsible activities and the numerous charity and humane activities supported by this health center, which acquired its European quality certificate yesterday evening.