Third Issue of “Nashe Zdravje”

The third issue of “Nashe Zdravje” has just come out, bringing useful tips for breast cancer prevention, children’s fears, tooth injuries…

Useful tips and recommendations for the protection of kids’ health during autumn, as well as popular topics in the field of modern medicine, can be found in the third issue of the free educational magazine “Nashe Zdravje”, which came out yesterday.

Among the other things, we sensed the practices, but also the weather forecast and the season itself, so, we prepared texts and useful tips on popular problems from cough to colds, reviewed the ever-popular question of conditions in breasts, of problems coming from the mouth cavity, how to prevent and treat them. We started a new rubric, “Parents and Children”, where we bring an article about fears occurring at children. It is a popular and educational topic, especially now, when they are required to study more because of the forthcoming tests while being burdened with a large number of classes, but also various phobias of their age and development.

says the editor-in-chief – Marica Ugrinoska Batkoska

The third issue of “Nashe Zdravje” also brings articles on the useful properties of the herbs, the reasons for immune system fall, the healing properties of Sea Water and why it should be used daily, what are the reasons for helicobacter occurrence, proper use of nose drops, proper use of vitamin K, the possibilities of esthetic dentistry and much more information about health and modern life.

This magazine, having established very well on the market in the wider region of Ohrid and Struga with its quality and useful content, is published by the pharmacy chain “Via Farm” in cooperation with Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski”. Its editor-in-chief is Marica Ugrinovska – Batkoska, MSc in Pharmacy, the executive editor is Goran Momiroski, journalist and editor-in-chief of the web portal “OhridNews”, graphic designer – Antonio Stamatoski, expert advisor – the experienced journalist Misho Kitanoski, whereas technical support is being provided by “OhridNews” and “Mega Production”.

The free magazine “Nashe Zdravje” can be found in the chain “Via Farm” in Ohrid, Struga, Vevchani and Labunishta, in the Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski” in the complex “St George” in Ohrid,  as well as in public health offices and hospitals in Ohrid and Struga, but also popular hotels, restaurants and bars, fashion salons and other recognizable places in the region.