For Happier Childhood – 2016

Dental center “D-r Batkoski” and the Red Cross Organization hosted a happy day for the children in Ohrid. The youngest from Ohrid today were joyful and enjoyed the many activities that took place in the event “For Happier Childhood” in the center of Ohrid. The event was organized by the municipal Red Cross and Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski”, in cooperation with the sports association “Sport for everyone – everyone for sport” and the Association for School Sports.

The children enjoyed various sports and recreational, health-educational, and entertaining activities. The main race marked the start of this attraction where youngsters showed their sports enthusiasm competing in football, basketball, badminton, tennis, field hockey, darts, chess, precise biking, rope jumping, hula-hoop practicing.

The most creative ones were part of the arts section of Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski”, which in cooperation with the restaurant “Via Ignatia” from Vevchani prepared a buffet meal for the youngest, with various food and numerous prizes.

The team of Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski” shared tips for better dental health and healthy habits at children, who carefully listened to the recommendations of the doctors and experts.

The entertainment part was taken care of by the participants of the children’s festival “Raspeano Ribarche”. Also, their corner at the city square had the young people from the Centre for Lifeskills Development Brainobrain – Red Cross Ohrid, as well as the Story Hour program in English.

The event attracted also the oldest volunteers of Red Cross Ohrid who conduct the program for elderly people care. They celebrated the 1st of October, the International Day of the Elderly, by promoting the program and spending time with the beneficiaries of the program. The sports enthusiasm wasn’t in a lack at them, too, so they took their chances in practicing skills like YOGA-LAUGHTER, a new program that has just started at the Red Cross Ohrid.

Red Cross Ohrid expresses their gratitude towards all those who helped, supported, and participated in the realization of this activity and informs that the participation numbers for the activity sold for 30 denars each are going to take part in a great lottery game with over 50 valuable prizes. They can be bought until 15th October. The lottery game is going to take place on 15th October 2016 (Saturday) at 6 p.m. on TVM.

The collected finances from the charity sports event “For Happier Childhood” will be dedicated to helping children with health disabilities from socially necessitous families from Ohrid and Debrca.