How to stay healthy and fit in summer… read in the latest issue of the magazine “Nashe Zdravje”

How to protect our health in summer, among the other popular topics, recommendations and tips from the fields of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, wellness, beauty, and diet, can be found in the latest issue of the specialized magazine for health and modern life “Nashe Zdravje”, whose second issue has just came out.

This magazine is published by the pharmacy chain “Via Farm” in cooperation with Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski”. It is going to be issued quarterly, i.e. four times a year (in spring, summer, autumn, and winter). Its editor-in-chief is Marica Ugrinovska – Batkoska, MSc in Pharmacy, the executive editor is Goran Momiroski, graphic designer – Antonio Stamatoski, whereas technical support is being provided by “OhridNews” and “Mega Production”.

The topics covered in the second issue of the “Nashe Zdravje” magazine are dedicated to what is significant to preserve our health from the threats emerging in summer. For that purpose, we addressed renown experts in medicine, dentistry, beauty, and diet.                                                               

says the editor-in-chief,  Marica Ugrinovska – Batkoska

In the second issue of “Nashe Zdravje” you can read articles on a degenerative disease of the knee joint – a modern world disease, on fungal infections, melanoma, popular topics from dentistry and an interview with d-r Nebojsha Batkoski, as well as useful tips about beauty and balanced diet.

The first issue of the specialized magazine “Nashe Zdravje”, first of its kind in the region, came out this spring and received positive reviews among the citizens, as well as the expert audience.

Such editions are a modern way to educate and it is very important that behind the contents of the “Nashe Zdravje” magazine stands a professional team of doctors, dentists, and pharmacists, who take care of the quality and reliability of its contents. That should provide a confirmation for the readers that what they read is medically supported and can be taken as advice. We hope that the magazine will continue bringing interesting content in the future that will attract the attention and will be interesting to read.

emphasized part of the general practitioners in Ohrid, whom we contacted on this topic

The free magazine “Nashe Zdravje” can be found in the chain “Via Farm” in Ohrid, Struga, Vevchani and Labunishta, in the Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski” in the complex “St George” in Ohrid,  as well as in public health offices and hospitals in Ohrid and Struga, but also in popular hotels, restaurants and bars, fashion salons and other recognizable places in the region.