German tattoo master leaves Ohrid with a golden smile

Dave Padberg, owner of the “Dave” Tattoo Studio in Germany, fulfilled his wish to get a golden smile in Ohrid. This was taken care of by Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski”, where Dave got golden teeth implanted on his upper jaw.

This exceptionally delicate dental-esthetic procedure is generally very rarely performed, which is a confirmation of the quality and knowledge of our dentists and a proof that they work hand-in-hand with their colleagues from Europe, and in the same time respond to the most specific requirements of the patients. This example is also a confirmation of the great capacity of Ohrid for dental tourism development, an aim Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski works on intensively in the past few years.

A couple of years ago spontaneously came the idea for affirmation of Ohrid as a significant dental-touristic destination. I know that we have a topmost dental and touristic offer with high potential. In the past period, we put a lot of effort into the foundations of this project, and now we are deeply involved in its realization. Therefore, I express my pleasure that each year more and more foreigners come here to spend their holidays, but also to get top-quality, European dental care in Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski” in Ohrid. I believe that with such dynamics, in the near future this dental centre will be one of the focal points on the Balkans where the spirit of dental tourism will pulsate strongly.

says D-r Nebojsha Batkoski for the summer edition of the specialized magazine for health and modern living, “Nashe Zdravje”, which came out recently

From the beginning of the realization of the idea for dental tourism, Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski” prepared a working concept, materials for marketing and purpose-made web page with specially prepared package offers and directions how, step by step, the patients to organize their journey in terms of airlines, accommodation and transportation to and from our office.

explains D-r Batkoski

We have efficient communication and successful missions, which can be best confirmed by the impressions and reviews by the satisfied patients. In doing so, we rely on the Internet communication, i.e. our web page, which is massively visited and speaks of the fact that ‘the world is a small place’ when it comes to the people’s health. Honestly, we are proud of that, because we have achieved many significant dental goals, and our patients appreciate it very much.

says D-r Batkoski

He points out that the expectations and requirements of foreign patients aren’t different from those of the national patients. Each of them prefers good quality of service and used materials.

From my experience so far I have the impression that we achieve beyond their expectations, especially from the aspect of technical equipment and professionalism, and it is a pleasure to receive their calls expressing the appreciation of our service quality, speaking of it as equal to the one they get in the more developed countries. Additionally, numerous patients have completed their treatment in our Centre to come back with other members of their families or friends. To us it is a confirmation and certification that we are on the right path.

adds d-r Nebojsha Batkoski from Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski”, which recently sent home the tattoo master Dave Padberg with a golden smile