Do you have sensitive teeth? Pay attention, it can get worse in winter!

Each year is the same, temperatures drop, days get shorter and the coldest season is about to come. With the coming of the winter, each of us has some ritual preparing to welcome this romantic, bit also cold winter season. However, one inevitable part of your preparations should be a visit to your dentist, especially if you have missed several regular appointments of teeth cleaning and checking, and here is why.

Especially in the cold winter season, it is not a rare occasion of sensitive teeth which on your last check-up were confirmed completely healthy.

Namely, there are many reasons for cold sensitivity:

  • With too harsh brushing, forceful flossing, or having some habits like night teeth grinding in stressful periods (bruxism) you can cause gum recession. * With too harsh brushing, forceful flossing, or having some habits like night teeth grinding in stressful periods (bruxism) you can cause gum recession. Such recessed gums expose the tooth root, which is not tolerant of temperature fluctuations as the visible parts of the tooth, and you will sense sharp pain at the touch of the tooth neck or at consuming cold food.
  • When talking about oral health, many would only think of the care of the teeth. That’s a wrong concept, though. Care of the gums and the tissue around the tooth is equally important but underestimated during our daily routines. Gum health is connected to the bone health, so if the infection expands to the bone, there is a bone loss and gaps around the teeth (pockets), which from one side are blocked by the swollen and inflamed gums, and from the inner side by the surface of the root of the tooth, which is very sensitive to cold sensations. That is why it is not strange for healthy teeth to hurt. Pay attention to the health of your gums, if they are red, tender, and bleeding easily, visit us to provide you with professional care and further instructions on how to handle this condition.
  • Cold sensitiveness can occur in case when there are defects of some visible parts of the teeth, such as cracks, or a part of a tooth is broken.
  • Another reason for the cold sensitivity of the tooth itself can be cracks or damaged fillings. Through such cracks, cold water you drink can easily penetrate. The deeper the filling, the closer to the nerve of the tooth can come to the sensation, and in winter even the air you breathe can feel unpleasant.

How can you help yourself?

You may feel stuck in the teeth sensitivity this winter, but it isn’t so. The doctor team in the dental center Dr. Batkoski will try to help. Discuss your problem, get full treatment for tooth cleaning, and a necessary x-ray monitoring in order to set the diagnosis and settle a definite treatment. Find out if you need to have your old fillings replaced, a broken tooth fixed or maybe a tooth treated.

The gum problem will require a more detailed paradontologics and laser treatment, maybe simply fluoridization of the teeth or covering the exposed parts with special polishes. In some patients, it is seen that simply using specially made toothpaste for sensitive teeth gives the wanted results. However, don’t stay silent about your problem, turn to us for a solution, and enjoy the winter.