EverStick – new hope after losing a front tooth

Missing a tooth, especially if it is one from the frontal region, is most frequently an unpleasant and traumatic experience for every individual. Namely, after a tooth extraction, it takes up to three months before making a definite bridge construction or doing an implant, i.e. reaching complete healing of the gums and bone. The aesthetic and psychological moment is not an excuse to procrastinate extraction of a tooth in a very bad condition, a tooth that cannot be treated or is overly loose because there are alternatives available now.

One of the methods to make a temporal bridge in economically unfavorable conditions is using special fiber-glass – EverStick by the company GC.  With such a glass string, completely inexpensively and minimally invasive, the defect can be covered and above this string, an identical tooth can be modeled with the use of filling (composite), in only one visit, just a couple of hours after the tooth extraction. Such an individually adapted construction of a glass string can be used both in the frontal and posterior regions.

The string’s flexibility, its easy adaptation, then its characteristic to gain great strength and resilience under polymerization light, makes it ideal in various situations where certainly the priority is keeping the teeth and making them stronger:

  • Periodontal splint – this treatment is used to reinforce the periodontopathic teeth (upper and lower), which due to overly bone losing are loose enough to cause discomfort and pain, but their extraction can still be postponed. This glass string is attached to the inner side of the teeth, gets polymerized, and then instantly and efficiently fixes the block of teeth.
  • The labial splint of traumatized teeth – kids are most commonly the patients at who this splint is used because they most commonly have accidents and injuries of the front teeth. No matter whether the child’s teeth are broken, loose, or a tooth gets completely fallen from the injury, setting a splint is the first approach to treating them. EverStick also called a string of fiberglass, is a great substitute for the metal fixtures, especially for the reason that these types of splints are positioned at the front side of the teeth.
  • Individual abutment – In situations where the root of the tooth is well healed and healthy, whereas the part of the tooth we see in the mouth is too damaged or broken, there is a new option to postpone the extraction of the tooth and its preserving. The glass string in these cases successfully replaces the fabricated abutments with its advantages – adaptability in the channel, less drilling in the inner side of the root, more evenly pressure transmission while chewing.
  • Aesthetic retainer – After the completion of orthodontic therapy, it is well known that a retainer device – splint or braces – will be needed, all in order to keep the position the teeth and their stabilization. The EverStick string is placed at the inner side of the first 6 teeth and its strength ensures the effect of wearing the fixed device. It is an excellent and aesthetic substitute for the metal retainers, and much more pleasant than mobile braces.

Briefly, the possibilities of the dentistry are expanding daily. The expert team in Dental Centre Dr. Batkoski, keeping pace with the newest technological achievements, enriches your choice for solutions, and a solution has to be found for each problem. Choose the best for your teeth.

Dr. Kiril Manduloski