The potential of dental tourism in Ohrid and the Vevchani tradition promoted on the Berlin Fair

The dental and the active tourism, with an accent on the traditional values of the regions of Ohrid and Struga, are being promoted at the Tourism Fair in Berlin, ending tomorrow. The potential of dental tourism in Ohrid is being presented by the dental brand and leader in innovations in this field in our country, Dental Center “D-r Batkoski”.

The year-long efforts in the development of dental tourism in Ohrid are bringing results. Year by year, the number of foreigners coming to spend their holidays in Ohrid and receive topmost dental service with European standards in Dental Center “D-r Batkoski” is increasing. We believe their number will grow even more in the future.

they say from Dental Center “D-r Batkoski”

At the Berlin Fair, Restaurant Via Ignacia from Vevchani is promoting the possibilities for active tourism, traditional values, and delicacies from the domestic cuisine. This restaurant has been building its reputation for years, and the number of foreign tourists visiting it is in constant growth.

This year at the Berlin Fair there were presented participants from 187 countries from five continents. The touristic offer is being presented in 24 halls, and it is expected the fair to be visited by 26,000 conference visitors, 60,000 private and about 120,000 trade visitors.