Health center “D-r Batkoski” and “Via Farm” pharmacy chain mark five years in service of people from Ohrid

The decades of experience and services with high quality of the well-known dental office “D-r Batkoski” and the “Via Farm” pharmacy chain from Vevchani, for five years now have been used by thousands of satisfied patients from Ohrid in the health center in Vlashka Maala, which today celebrates five years of existence.

“D-r Batkoski” health center and “Via Farm” pharmacy chain in Ohrid started working on 28th January 2012 and shortly established their position as topmost health institution with outstanding confidence given by the public.

The modern equipment as the ultimate release by the modern medicine, laser systems for painless treatment, x-ray and computer technique for precise diagnostics and highly-educated staff that constantly upgrades their knowledge, as well as the esthetic treatments, complex dental procedures performed and introduction of innovative methods in our work, make the health center by “D-r Batkoski” and “Via Farm” pharmacy chain stand out of their competition.

The development of dental tourism, which has lately gained in intensity, is another successfully realized vision of the managing team of “D-r Batkoski”, where many foreign patients use dental services. For this purpose, a special work concept was prepared, advertising material and specialized web page for dental tourism were released. This web page offers special package offers and directions on how, step by step, the patients should organize these trips, from airplane travels to accommodation and transportation to the premises of “D-r Batkoski”.

A confirmation for the quality and topmost achievements in the field of medicine arrived at the European Forum for Top Quality and Management, which took place in Cannes, France last autumn. It was organized by the Socrates Association and European Medical Association, which awarded Dental Center “D-r Batkoski” with the BEST HOSPITAL AWARD. There are also many other recognitions, certificates, licenses this center acquires continuously.

The health center of “D-r Batkoski” and “Via Farm” pharmacy chains are also publicly recognized by the numerous socially responsible projects, such as the traditional action “For Happier Childhood”, the charities organized to help vulnerable groups of people and the support of educational, sports and cultural events.

“Via Farm” and “D-r Batkoski” follow modern trends. They put their experiences and knowledge in “Nashe Zdravje” – a magazine for health and modern life, issued quarterly. In about forty pages, “Nashe Zdravje” brings popular topics, useful recommendations, and expert advice in the field of pharmacy, dentistry, healthy life, beauty, and diet.

All of the above are only a part of the successfully realized projects of the health center of “D-r Batkoski” and “Via Farm” in Ohrid, in the past five years. The managing team promises new projects in the function of the patients and their health, which makes this center a recognizable brand not only in the city but also in the wider region.