The first super modern laser for painless dental treatment has arrived in Ohrid, North Macedonia

You don’t like the sound of machines in dental offices? Are you afraid of the painful treatment? Forget about it. From now on, patients in Ohrid will have the opportunity to have their teeth painlessly repaired by the latest world-class laser methods, which has officially been put into use today at the dental office “Dr. Batkoski”, which operates within the health center “St. Georgia”.

This laser (laser kavo key 3+) is the only one of its kind in N.Macedonia that allows painless tooth repair and is also used for implants, surgeries, teeth whitening and more. A trained team of doctors and medical staff are working with this laser, led by Dr. Nebojsa Batkoski.

The launch of the super modern laser for painless dental treatment in the dental center “Dr. Batkoski”, coincides with the celebration of the first year of operation of the health complex “St. Georgia”, which also has its own pharmacy “Via Farm.”

In the first year of operation of the complex, the dental center “Dr. Batkoski” attracted 3000 patients who have chosen their dentist here. 200 patients have been given orthodontic treatments by setting braces and 100 implants have been done as well.

This office is the only one in the city where you can extract stem cells from primary teeth. At the beginning of the year, the  Dental Center “Dr. Batkoski” has its own dental laboratory with a “Kad-Kam” machine that process porcelain teeth with a laser.

The pharmacy “Via Farm” working within the health center “St. Georgia” is one of the 5 pharmacies of the “Via Farm” chain. It offers a wide range of medicines, as well as cosmetics and “Medicus help” – orthopedic aids.