For Happier Childhood – 2013

Young people were educated about oral hygiene, got acquainted with handicrafts, competed and got awarded

Today, at the city square in Ohrid, the municipal Red Cross for the fifth time implemented the traditional, humanitarian and sport-recreational action “For a happier childhood”, which has been held for two years in cooperation with the health complex “St. George” – Dental Center “Dr. Batkoski”.

The President of the Red Cross of Ohrid, Saso Tochkov, noted that the event receives the epithet of educational activity thanks to the Dental Center “Dr. Batkoski”.

Young people and all those who want can be educated and advised by the professionals of the Dental Center “Dr. Batkoski ” about oral hygiene and dental health. There is also a number of craftsmen who, with the help of the Ohrid Regional Crafts Chamber, presented their traditional crafts to young people.

said Tochkov

At the event a number of programs implemented within the municipal Red Cross were presented.

Today we have a presentation of our programs, such as a children’s storytelling class that we have been working on for 6 years. Here is the “Brainbrain” program, as well as a lot of entertaining content. I would like to thank all the sponsors who helped this activity and provided awards. These are the Dental Center “Dr. Batkoski” and “Swisslion” which are our partners every year.

added Tochkov

This year, the event was enriched with the mobile dental office, where professionals from the Dental Center “Dr. Batkoski” performed preventive examinations of the youngest population.

The examinations are carried out with an intraoral camera, which will help to look at the tooth and determine the level of hygiene in the mouth. We will give our opinion about each of our patients, and the youngest will receive a CURAPROX toothbrush so they can better maintain their oral hygiene.

said Dr. Nebojsa Batkoski from Dental Center “Dr. Batkoski”

He added that the level of oral hygiene in the country is still low, but through these actions, he aims to increase public awareness about oral health.

We want to raise awareness among the population, especially young parents so that they can bring their children to the dentist at an early age in order to preserve oral health and oral hygiene. In the future, with all our opportunities, we will continue to support all humanitarian actions.

adds Dr. Batkoski

Otherwise, the campaign “For a happier childhood” aims to promote the sporting spirit among young people through their participation in various sports and recreational contents, as well as raising awareness among our fellow citizens of solidarity, humanity and providing the necessary assistance to those who face social or health difficulties.