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Macedonia is the top European destination for dental tourism. As one of the first companies to specialize in dental tourism, in 2007 Batkoski opened a new, purpose-built surgery complex. Batkoski Dental standards conform to and often exceed all the most stringent of EU regulations and requirements. Every year, many thousands of patients regularly travel to Ohrid from all over Europe to take advantage of the huge savings available with the price of Ditron Dental Implants at Dental center Dr. Batkoski.

The extremely high standards regarding both our doctors and facilities, combined with the low prices we offer and an easily accessible location in eastern Europe, make Macedonia the best choice when you are looking for Dental Treatment abroad.

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Why choose us

We can help you whether your visit is to help maintain your teeth, improve your smile or if you have a dental emergency.


In our clinic, we try to offer the best prices to our patients, and the final price differs from case to case. The price of a therapy includes free consultations with dentists.


We are a dental clinic with many appreciations and awards in Europe and the world. When you come in our clinic you will have an opportunity to meet the team and see all our awards.


Our team is a team of professionals with huge experience and they guarantee fast service. The years of experience and the successfully completed cases are a proof of our success.


Our team of experts will provide you with the best and the fastest service. From your first visit you will get free consultations with our doctors and we will make a schedule together to finish the procedures you need to do fast, before going back home to your origin country.


Our Clinic guarantees a professional service. We are driven by perfection and offer superb value for money with outstanding results. That is why when the patients come to our dental center for the first time, they immediately became our loyal patients.


Our dental center is well known because we are always open to patients for free CONSULTATIONS and we are available for all of their questions 24/7.

Highly recommend

In Dental Center D-r. Batkoski I did composite veneers. The doctor worked as a real artist. He has all wrapped up in just one visit at a very affordable price....

Biljana M.

Happy client

High professionalism

All praise to the doctor Batkoski and his expert team for highly professional relating to patients and striving to explain each procedure very accurately and in language understandable to the patient...

Richard E.

Happy client

Efficient collaborating

From my first visit to Dental Center Dr. Batkoski I realized that visiting the dentist does not have to be a painful and traumatic experience. With overall approach and commitment of the entire staff I felt like I was at some acquaintance.

Karmen K.

Happy client

Friendly staff

I like very much that in one place I can get it all rather than to walk up to a few practice in order to solve the problem. They are located in the center so fast I can get quickly to them whenever I need it...

Marija B.

Happy client

Professional team

From the first time I visited “Dr.Batkoski” I immediately noticed that the sterilization and purity is really at a high level, in contrast to other office where I perceive much that it should not be.

Jovka H.

Happy client

Professional team

In Dental Centar D-r Batkoski I put 12 crowns, given that I live abroad, better not to say how much I would paid for intervention there, at least 3 times more expensive, but the quality is absolutely identical in what I had convinced myself.. I recommend them to a friend in a foreign country, and so far no one has any objections.

A. Mena

Happy client

Professional team

I did a metal crowns and I am overwhelmed, aesthetics is impeccable. Previously, I had an ordinary metal ceramics, which I was not satisfied. The difference in the final aesthetics is extremely high. I was treated with computerized cad cam technology...

Viktor K.

Happy client

Professional team

The good thing about DC “D-r Batkoski” is that they are confident in their work and therefore have a guarantee on your teeth, as opposed to earlier dentist . Today it is hard to separate the financial means, very important thing is that after a collection of his service someone stand behind their work and if there is a complaint to be repaired within a reasonable time. For this, in my opinion, they are different from others

Tatjana J

Happy client

Dental news

Keep up to date with the latest news about your dental health and dental care, and event connected with our Dental Center.

Social responsibility – D-r Batkoski supports Ohrid trchaT!

We started the Ohrid TrchaT race with Dental Center “D-r Batkoski” and “Via Farm” pharmacies!

We have the winner of free fixed braces form the game organized by Dental Center “D-r Batskoski”

Using special software, the winner of free fixed braces form the game organized by Dental Center “D-r Batskoski” has been chosen.

Dental Center “D-r Batkoski” – wind at the back of HC Enhalon’s prosperity

The members of the Handball Club “Enhalon” from Struga visited Dental Center “D-r Batkoski”, which is a year-long supporter of the club and sports in general, showing its outstanding social responsibility in various occasions.

How to find us

Marko Nestoroski Street, No.147, Ohrid(389)

Opening hours

Monday-Friday10:00 - 18:00
Saturday10:00 - 14:00