Ditron Dental Implants

Ditron Dental Implants

Ditron Dental implants feature a blased and termally acid-etched endosseous surface. The micro and macro structure achieved by this process facilitates an accelerated osseointegration of our implants. All Ditron Dental implants and abutments share a standard internal hexagonal locking connection, so that the ideal combination may be assembled to address each specific case. This is the optimal basis for achieving a strong, functioning and esthetic final restoration.

To ensure repeatability, each implant is individually corroded by abrasive particles with an automatic system that controls the speed, direction, pressure, and size of the particles that collide with the implant. This gives us confidence that each implant will pass the same process and will show the same excellent surface features.

The excellent morphology of the surface of the implant is then created by a controlled thermal-acid corrosion process. Finally, a cleaning procedure is introduced to high purity to ensure that no foreign particles remain on the surface of the implant. The level of cleanliness and purity of our implants are routinely checked by XPS measurement.

One of the distinctive patents of the Ditron implants is MOLECULAR PRECISION IMPLANT which represents a kind of optimization between initial stability and long-term biological strengthening of the implant and bone. Moleculock is characterized by a firm connection between the implant and the abutment with biomechanical design that reduces the micropores and the risk of microposition . The metal compound on metal between the implant and the abutment is either hermetically closed or too narrow to penetrate the bacteria.

The revolutionary and unique Ultimate ™ or ULTIMATE PRECISON IMPLANT which, with its macroscopic and microscopic features, provides optimum contact between the bone and the implant and excellent primary stability. It is characterized by RCN or reverse cone neck, enlarges the contact area of the bone, and minimizes bone remodeling of the bone, which allows long-term maintenance of the cristal bone. Ultimate ™ contains blade-shaped blades with a narrowing to the neck, allowing entry of the implant with minimal osteotomy without incremental pressure and at the same time suppressing the passive elastic return of the cortical bone to the neck of the implant. Microplates provide appropriate biomechanical stimulation of the cortical bone , improve the speed and quality of osteointegration, but also improve the blood flow from preserved periodic vessels.

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Implants have three parts:

  • Titanium metal, which fuses to the jawbone
  • An abutment, which fits over the part of the implant that sticks out from the gums
  • The crown, which a special restorative dentist creates for a natural, tooth-like appearance

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