The latest issue of “Nashe Zdravje” has come out with useful tips for the protection of your health in the hot summer days

The latest issue of the health and modern life magazine “Nashe Zdravje” brings, and interview with the popular eye surgeon and manager of the new eye hospital “Denica” in Skopje, d-r Naum Trpenoski, educational articles about carefree holidays and useful tips by experts about the dangers faced in summer. How to protect ourselves from the UV rays, sunburns, what is the importance of probiotics in the children’s development, but also tips in the field of dentistry and traditional medicine can be found in the summer edition of “Nashe Zdravje” which has just come out.

It’s summer – a time to relax, but be careful. Health workers, but also weather forecasters warn us that periodically we go through yellow and orange phases, in which the Sun and the high temperatures can cause unwanted consequences not only in adults but also in children and youngsters. If we don’t take care of our health ourselves, who should do it for us?

says says the editor-in-chief – Marica Ugrinoska Batkoska, MSc in Pharmacy

This magazine is published by the pharmacy chain “Via Farm” in cooperation with Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski”. The executive editor is Goran Momiroski, the editor is Misho Kitanoski, the graphic designer – Antonio Stamatoski, whereas the technical support was provided by OhridNews.

The free magazine “Nashe Zdravje” can be found in the chain “Via Farm” in Ohrid, Struga, Vevchani and Labunishta, the new pharmacy located on 164 Marko Nestoroski Str in Ohrid,  in the Dental Centre “D-r Batkoski” in the complex “St George” in Ohrid,  as well as in public health offices and hospitals in Ohrid and Struga, but also popular hotels, restaurants and bars, fashion salons and other recognizable places in the region and wider.