Seven years serving the people’s health

Dental Center “D-r Batkoski” and “Via Pharm” pharmacies seven years serving the people’s health

The blend of experience, professionalism, top-quality service and social responsibility put into joint projects successfully realized more than 7 years, are a mark of recognition of the cooperation between Dental Center “D-r Batkoski” and “Via Pharm” pharmacies, working to improve the health of the citizens from the region of Ohrid and Struga.

Dental Center “D-r Batkoski” has existed since 2003, and “Via Pharm” pharmacies since 2007. On 28th January 2012 started their joint story.

The modern equipment and medical apparatus from the newest generation, laser systems for painless treatments, x-ray and computer technique for precise diagnostics, performing complicated dental procedures, applying innovative methods in the work and professional esthetic treatments, make Dental Center “D-r Batkoski” standing out of its competition.

International recognition of the quality arrived in 2016 at the European Forum of Top Quality and Management, which took place in Cannes, France, where Dental Center “D-r Batkoski” received high recognition for Best Medical Office, “BEST HOSPITAL AWARD”. There are also many other recognitions, licenses, and certificates won continuously by the center.

Dental Center “D-r Batkoski” is a leader in the development of dental tourism, not only in the region but also nationally. A proof for that is the partnership contract signed last year between our company and the British company “KINGS MEDICAL” settled in London and promoting dental tourism.

Part of the success made by Dental Center “D-r Batkoski” is are the professional team in the field of General Dentistry, prosthetics, and oral surgery, which is constantly upgrading their knowledge.

“Via Farm”, on the other hand, with its 9 pharmacies in the region of Ohrid and Struga is a leader in the field of pharmacy, and more. The pharmacy chain “Via Farm” has the largest offer in cosmetics and orthopedic items.

“Via Farm” pharmacies follow modern trends. Recently, the newest, 12th issue of the specialized magazine for health and modern life “Nashe Zdravje”, came out published by “Via Farm” pharmacies, in cooperation with Dental Center “D-r Batkoski”, Special Eye Hospital “Denica” and Restaurant “Via Ignatia”. They share their experiences and knowledge, together with eminent names in the field of medicine, on about 40 pages full of useful tips and educational articles.

Dental Center “D-r Batkoski” and “Via Pharm” pharmacies are recognized in the public by their numerous socially responsible projects, among which are the traditional activity “For Happier Childhood”, realized in cooperation with the Red Cross, the numerous charity events for helping the vulnerable categories and the support of educational, sports and cultural events.

The latest information about the work of Dental Center “D-r Batkoski” and “Via Pharm” pharmacies are regularly posted on the social networks, where they often prepare surprises for the followers, in form of lottery games.

The managing teams of Dental Center “D-r Batkoski” which have successfully cooperated for seven years now, announce new joint projects for the future, in the function of better health of their clients and generally, of the people of the region.