Seven years in the service of citizens health

“Dr. Batkoski” Dental Center and “Via Farm” Pharmacy for seven years in the service of citizens health

The blend of experience, professionalism, top-notch service, and social responsibility, transformed into joint projects that have been successfully implemented for seven years, are a trademark of the collaboration of “Dr. Batkoski” dental center and “Via Farm” pharmacies, in the care of citizens health in the Ohrid-Struga region.

Dental center “Dr. Batkoski” exists since 2003 and pharmacies “Via Farm” since 2007. On January 28, 2012, however, their joint success story began.

The latest generation of medical equipment, laser systems for painless treatment, X-ray and computer technology for precise diagnostics, complex dental procedures, application of innovative work methods and professional aesthetic treatments, distinguish the “Dr. Batkoski” dental center from the competition.

International quality assurance was achieved in 2016 at the European Forum for Excellence and Management, held in Cannes, France, where the Dental Center “Dr. Batkoski” received high recognition for best practice “BEST HOSPITAL AWARD”. There are also numerous other recognitions, licenses, and certifications that the center continually receives.

“Dr. Batkoski” dental center is also a leader in the development of dental tourism, not only in the region but also in the country in general. Confirmation of this is the partnership agreement that last year concluded the most famous dental brand in our country with the British company “KINGS MEDICAL” based in London, which promotes health tourism.

Part of the success of the dental center “Dr. Batkoski” is the professional team in the field of general dentistry, prosthetics and oral surgery, which is continuously retraining and improving.

“Via Farm”, with its 9 pharmacies in the Ohrid-Struga region, is a leader in the field of pharmacy. The chain pharmacies “Via Farm” have the largest offer of cosmetics and orthopedic aids.

Recently, 12 issues of the specialized magazine for health and modern life “Our Health” was published by “Via Farm” pharmacies, in cooperation with the dental center “Dr. Batkoski”, the special eye hospital “Denica” and the restaurant “Via Egnatia”. They unselfishly share their experiences and knowledge, along with eminent names in the field of medicine, on forty pages of useful advice and educational texts.

“Dr. Batkoski” dental center and “Via Farm” are recognized by the public for numerous socially beneficial projects such as the traditional “For Happier Childhood” action implemented in collaboration with the “Red Cross”, and numerous humanitarian projects for the vulnerable categories of citizens, as well as supporting of educational, sports and cultural events.

The latest information from the work of “Dr. Batkoski” dental center and “Via Farm” pharmacies are regularly present on social networks, where readers often are rewarded with gifts and treatments from our dental center.

The management teams of the Dental Center “Dr. Batkoski”, which have been successfully cooperating for seven years, announce new joint projects in the future, in order to improve the health of the clients and the citizens of the region in general.