What is teeth whitening?

What is teeth whitening?

30 minute treatment that provides comfort,safety and self-assurance to our patients, while at the same time giving maximum results. If you want whiter and beautiful teeth, pearly smile, BEYOND is your best and most professional teeth whitening solution.You can have a bright ,white smile in just 30 min.

Our revolutionary whitening tehnologynis the latest achievement in cosmetics, with whitening teeth never been quicker and easier.Clinical research has proven that our professional tooth whitening system whiten your teeth up to 8 shades-faster than any other technique and gives you a beautiful smile that will last for years. If you have a sensitive tooth you will be happy to know that BEYOND uses an advanced system that eliminates harmful UV rays and heat and reduces sensitivity.

How is our gel so effective?
The teeth whitening gel activates with safe filtered blue light to speed up the process. After 30 minutes you get the brightest and healthiest smile.
The whitening is guaranteed!!!

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