The DSD Plan

The DSD Plan

Aside from helping us in precision and predicting the outcome, DSD brings us closer to our patients, relaxes them when they come to the clinic, and gives them a clear insight into the whole therapy regarding their procedure as well as the exact timeframe and financial plan.

Digital Smile Design plans what one’s smile is supposed to look like according to the aesthetic smile parameters in digital format which enables better communication between doctor-technician-patient.

DSD plan includes intraoral photographs of a patient which are made in our office. Photographs of a bite, side photographs of a bite, photographs of upper and lower jaw surface, isolated upper and lower jaw. Also, in the office, we take measures of certain units in the upper and lower jaw, and those measures help us to design a new smile afterwards.

For the intraoral protocol to be fulfilled, we have to scan the patient, which means that we take digital jaw imprint with the intraoral scanner and we register the bite. This method of taking imprints is much more comfortable for a patient; it is also quicker and more precise than classical imprint collecting.

After the intraoral protocol, we make extraoral photographs and video protocol in the studio. Here we emphasize recording mimic of the patient’s face and other parameters of aesthetics that are necessary for planning.

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