OhridNews has announced the most successful stories of 2014 and promoted an annual show

A chronological review of the most significant events in Ohrid in 2014 is part of the first annual show promoted yesterday evening at the coffee bar Cuba Libre by the most viewed web portal in the region, OhridNews.

Besides the remarkable daily topics and events, the show includes a part of the most read articles on the web portal OhridNews, as well as several stories of success stories have marked 2014.

We aspire towards making all this a tradition and that is why we express our gratitude towards all those who have supported this project and believe in the objectiveness and professionalism of our portal, which has enjoyed great loyalty by its readers for nine years now. This chronology of the most important events of 2014, which is going to get an electronic version soon, is a holiday gift for all of them.

addressed the audience Goran Momiroski, editor-in-chief of OhridNews.

Within the promotion, the most successful stories of 2014, chosen by the OhridNews newsroom members, were announced and given certificates.

The Recognition for the most successful business story of 2014 belonged to the largest bakery chain in the region, “Zhito Leb” Inc. from Ohrid.