Maintaining oral health helps us maintain our overall health

Very few people are able to understand the link between oral cavity health and the general health of the whole organism. Namely, the condition of the teeth and gums can affect the whole organism and make a difference, whether positive or negative. In fact, once you understand all the ways that oral health affects your general condition, you may think, “It’s time to visit my dentist right away.”

Oral health and diabetes

If you have diabetes, your oral health is even more important than other people’s. Gum inflammation adversely affects blood sugar levels, which is an additional problem for individuals with diabetes. Also, diabetes, which affects the small blood vessels, makes it difficult to heal the wound after tooth extraction, which requires timely dental treatment so as not to remove the tooth and the risk of additional superinfections.

Oral health and cardiovascular diseases

Periodontal diseases (diseases of the palate and bone in the mouth) increase the risk of heart disease, outflow, or stroke. It is also theorized that the deposits of the teeth and the bacteria that live in them find their way to the bloodstream, form deposits on the walls of the arteries that may cause blood clots.

Oral health and lungs

If the level of bad bacteria that causes serious gum inflammation is increased, the risk of serious lung problems may also increase. How does that bond actually work? When we breathe in, the bacteria in our mouth have free access to our lungs. As a result, in times of lower defense of our immunity, we may experience irritation and inflammation of the airways and lungs

The health of the tongue and bacteria

You must have already been aware of the fact that tonguе is the best place for the germs in your mouth. Brushing the tongue becomes a mandatory step in maintaining daily oral hygiene. By not only removing the unpleasant odor in your mouth, but it will also remove the accumulated bacteria and will prevent them from spreading to the rest of the body.

Maintaining your oral health will not only keep you from losing your teeth, and more complicated dental procedures, but will also help you maintain overall health. Maintaining the health of your teeth, gums, tongue doesn’t just mean regular tooth brushing. Take the time and visit the dentist twice a year for a full oral examination, an investment worth your health.