With the idea to give a new perspective on caries and to make the invisible visible, we introduce to you tomorrow’s technology today. It’s about the so-called laser detection of caries available only in our dental center “Dr.Batkoski”. It’s very important that this camera reveals those early stages of cavities before it has the opportunity to give any symptoms. The Kavo Diagno Cam diagnostic camera before is sure to reveal the caries at the earliest stage and enables you to correct your teeth with the principles of the modern, minimally invasive or as we say painless dentistry. Kavo Diagno cam uses healthy tooth structures as fluorescent light transmitters produced by the camera itself. At the same moment the laser releases the light, the video camera takes the moment of passing the beam through the tooth and transports it to the monitor, and the dentist and you can see it in real time and most importantly to understand the condition of your teeth. Such a device can detect caries where there is no apparent damage to the surface, and caries are hidden and can’t be felt or see by a regular probe with a probe.

What are the advantages of laser caries detection?
In addition to, of course, the discovery of saturated caries in their initial phase, the Diagnocam tool offers you the following benefits:

  • Determines the diagnosis of the toothpicks
  • Determines the caries under old seals.
  • Monitor the caries and its development, data can be stored and situation monitored
  • Offers minimal invasive treatment
  • It saves a healthy tooth substance
  • Opens the possibility of preventive action
  • Does not emit harmful radiation as opposed to X ray machines
  • Confident, without pain and increases the trust of the patient
  • Treatment of early caries implies the selection of methods of minimally invasive dentistry where a tooth substance is saved, thus protecting healthy parts of the tooth and preventing further complications and treatment of the tooth, and the patient saves money for a longer time interval.

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