Apolo Di intraoral scanner

Apolo Di intraoral scanner

Apolo Di of the company Sirona is the latest digital model of the intraoral scanner, which gives the highest precision of the printing techniques so far. The image obtained with the intraoral scanner turns into a virtual 3D model in real time and is sent to a dental laboratory that shortens the time needed for preparation, and most importantly, you remove the unpleasant experience of the patient when taking a print in a classic way with a spoon and printout.
The advantages of this appliances are reflected in:

  • new precision
  • easy use
  • compatibility
  • acceptable to patients
  • the possibility of direct communication

The quality of the digital imprint has a decisive influence on the precision and aesthetics of the final product – your new teeth. With the scanner, the possibility of error is reduced to minimum, so additional tests and corrections to the workmanship, which are common in classical printing, are to your satisfaction, avoided.

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