Dental Center “D-r Batkoski” – wind at the back of HC Enhalon’s prosperity

The members of the Handball Club “Enhalon” from Struga visited Dental Center “D-r Batkoski”, which is a year-long supporter of the club and sports in general, showing its outstanding social responsibility in various occasions.

The handball players from this club from Struga could closely get acquainted with the work and professionalism of Dental Center “D-r Batkoski”, and each member was given a detailed examination.

Dental Center “D-r Batkoski” wholeheartedly accepted our plea for help with providing shirts and technical equipment for the club. HC Enhalon has existed since 2011 and has worked exclusively with youngsters aged 7 to 16. Enhalon, meaning ‘eel’, is the old name of our city of Struga, and our club bears the same name.

said the coach, Dejan Kosteski

Dental Center “D-r Batkoski”, being a synonym for success, together with HC Enhalon makes future plans, inspiring youngsters to love sport, which would help them grow up in people ready to give their best in society.

The next challenge of HC Enhalon and Dental Center “D-r Batkoski” is going to be the two international tournaments taking place 22-24 June and the end of August – beginning of September.