X-Ray Diagnosis

The use of the x-ray in dentistry is necessary, because it gives us a complete look in the health condition of the patients teeth.

The digital x-ray procedure differs from the analog x-ray procedure because of the newest and more sophisticated technology in radiological recording that gives an extraordinal quality of photo with minimum radiation. It gives a complete precision and safety for the patients.

Orthopantomogram is a panoramic scanning dental x-ray of the upper and lower jaw. It shows two dimensional view of a half circle from ear to ear. It also shows the root, bones and sinus.

Intraoral X-RAY the one that is made on the individual tooth.

Endometer is a device that is used in the tooth treatment procedure (nerve pulling), and it serves to precisely determine the length of the root canal.
Tooth treatment is a procedure that is performed in an invisible micronic area; therefore, the endometer is essential in gaining insight into the appearance of the area, primarily its length, in order to completely remove the infected tissue and bacteria from the root canal up to its top. If the exact length of the root canal is not known, the likelihood that the treatment will be performed on only part of the canal is very high, which would compromise the entire procedure on the particular tooth. Without the endometer, complete tooth treatment would be inconceivable.

Intra/extra oral photography is the one that helps to make a detailed view in the health, aesthetic and the function of the mouth cavity giving the best possible results.