Computer Designed Smile

One possible difficulty in the creation of new smile is always the impossibility to notice the visualization of the change that is offered from the dentist. With the help of the software for computer designed smile the patient can notice the changes even before the treatment itself begin.

The software with its work step by step makes an aesthetic evidence of the virtual smile on the best professional way. The procedure is very simple thanks to the simple photography procedure this software is the possibility to make a dental analysis on the face of the patient then we can choose teeth that can change your smile into something beautiful.

Your digital pictures, worked out on this program for designing your smile will receive the changes

This kind of tool for photography analysis is crucial for the communication between the dentists, patients and technician in the modern dentistry. Through this digital processing we are going to give the final vision of the look to the patients, and to provide the information that are essential for the dental technician that are going to make this picture look real and beautiful with the use of cad cam construction in the Sirona in lab system.